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In search for a great festival? You will probably find it in Trøndelag

Geographically Trøndelag is in the center of Norway. It´s also the centerpiece for festivals in Norway.

Are you fond of history and tradition? You should visit a festival in Trøndelag. Want to experience innovative culture, learn something new and maybe get an idea of where the world is going? Visit a festival in Trøndelag. We have festivals for young and old, for those who love food and drink, those who want to challenge their opinions or just have a laugh. In Trøndelag there are festivals that promises reflection or full party. Do you like it loud or low-key, popular or avant-garde? We guarantee there is a festival for you in Trøndelag.

Here at Festival Destination Trøndelag, the festivals, together with the tourism industry and Vy want to show off all the exciting things that happen – all year round. Our members are:

Elden is a Norwegian, historical musical play written by Arnfinn Strømmevold and Bertil Reithaug, which is set up in spectacular settings in the middle of the world heritage Røros.

The Saint Olav Festival at Stiklestad is a festival built around the Saint Olav Drama «Spelet om Heilag Olav». For a week in July, Stiklestad is buzzing with lectures, exhibitions, concerts, a historical market and much more! The festival is one of the biggest cultural events in Norway with more than 40 000 visitors.

Every year around Olsok Trondheim is filled with festivity and street life, concerts, lectures, pilgrimage, services, free events and touching experiences. Ever since Olav Haraldsson was made a saint in the Middle Ages, Trondheim has been an important goal for pilgrims. St. Olav Festival continues to make Trondheim visible as a place for values which includes and embraces. The festival has a rich and varied program for both adults and children.

Hilmar Festival is one of Norway’s largest Folk Music Festivals. Every year around 150 artists are presented through 70 different festival events to 9,000 visitors. The program is adapted to all ages with its own children’s and youth program. In addition the festival is free for those under 12. The Hilmar Festival focuses on folk music but also opens its arms to music to all genres with a connection to folk.

Trøndersk matfestival and Bryggerifestivalen
The Trøndersk Food- and Brewers Festival is an annual gathering of Mid-Norwayæs farmers, fishermen, and those whose passion it is for turning those raw ingredients into delicious foods. Twelve regions from around the county will be showing the best they have to offer from fresh vegetables, lovely seafood, aged cheese and tender meats.

Norsk Revyfestival
It´s a silly idea. Pure madness. But why not start a revue festival at Høylandet? With a hundred revue numbers participating in the Norwegian revue championships during the days of the festival, this is one of Norway’s leading humor events during the summer.

Trøndelag historiske Norge
Trøndelag Reiseliv AS´ goal is to bring together companies, destinations and other tourist attractions in a joint marketing effort to showcase our region.

It should be easy to travel environmentally friendly. And Vy’s train is probably the best way to get from festival to festival and experience to experience when you visit us Trøndelag. The experiences start on the train!

Visit Trondheim
Want to experience magnificent nature, culture, tradition and great food? Visit Trondheim!

Visit Innherred
North in Trøndelag you will find Innherred, a destination filled with farm food, nature and cultural experiences as well as Stiklestad, Falstad and the Golden Road (Den Gyldne Omvei).

Festivalnettverk Trøndelag
Festivalnettverk Trøndelag is an organisation for festivals in the Trøndelag region.