Jødisk kulturfestival Trondheim

Trondheim | 30/08/2019 - 01/09/2019

Short facts

The festival conveys artistic expressions of Jewish origin and background in several different forms of art

Will give the audience with different backgrounds common reference frames in the meeting with Jewish culture.

The festival brings artists and debateers from several countries to show breadth and diversity.

About Jødisk kulturfestival Trondheim

Every year, the first weekend in September, the Jewish Cultural Festival Trondheim invites the inhabitants of the city for three days with Jewish cultural expressions. The Jewish Cultural Festival will present Jewish culture to a Norwegian audience. Through its program, the festival will show how Jewish religion, language, tradition and history have influenced different forms of art, and given impetus to new expressions. The festival will be a bridge builder between Jewish cultural and religious practice and today's Norwegian multicultural society.
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