08. Aug 2018

Ni ting du kanskje ikke visste om Trøndelag ...

Jump right into the Trøndersk summer festival season and join in where the past meets the present, and the present shapes the future. Sharpen your senses and let yourself be enticed by the fascinating history, beautiful music, heavenly aromas and unforgettable tastes.

At the festivals in Trøndelag, you can enjoy hearty discussions and return home a little bit wiser.

You get to meet new people and become familiar with the inclusive and generous trøndersk soul that welcomes you with open arms. Here, friendships are forged, a sense of togetherness is created and everyone is free to take part.

Do you still need a little prodding before you’re ready to venture out into Trondheim at night?

Could it be nice with some ideas that can help get the festival chat started? Here are nine Trøndersk icebreakers:

1. (Did you know that) Trønders love milk. And food. One-fifth of Norway’s milk production occurs in Trøndelag, and food makes up 62 percent of all exports from the county!

2. (Did you know that) Norway’s only Miss Universe comes from Stjørdal and her name is Mona Grudt. She won the contest and got the title in 1990.

3. (Did you know that) Trønders are also fond of good beer. Central Norway has more than 30 breweries. Several farms brew their own beer, and there is reason to believe that the first monks who came to the Munkeby monastery in the 12th century brought the art of brewing beer with them.

4. (Did you know that) Gunnhild Sundli from Orkdal was only 14 years old when she started the band Gåte with her brother Sveinung and rocked out across the country with their special brand of folk music. Gåte re-emerged with just as much energy in 2018, after a 12-year break.

5. (Did you know that) Gråkallbanen is the world’s northernmost tram! It runs along an 8.8-kilometre stretch between St. Olavsgate and Lian in Trondheim, where you can enjoy a nice meal at Lian restaurant.

6. (Did you know that) Someone checked, and there are just as many happy people filling the streets of Trondheim during the Trønder Food Festival and the Brewery Festival as there are in the middle of the day on the 17th of May.

7. (Did you know that) Munkeby is the name of the cheese that four French monks produce at the Mariakloster monastery in Munkebygrenda near Levanger. The cheese is made using unpasteurized cow’s milk and is one of the country’s very best cheeses according to the renowned Norwegian chef, Eivind Hellstrøm.

8. (Did you know that) You don’t have to go very far to the south to experience a rain forest. Boreal rain forest, also called a coastal spruce forest, is only found – with few exceptions – along the Trøndelag coast. It consists of rare, moist forest containing a diversity of lichen species. If it goes away, it will disappear from the entire planet!

9. (Did you know that) The archipelago made up of Frøya and Hitra produces 3.6 million salmon dinners every day all year round! Not only that, Grøntvedt Pelagic in tiny Orland municipality refines 90 percent of all the herring that is served and eaten in Scandinavia.

(Header photo: Marius Rua/Trondelag.com)