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Festival Destination Trøndelag is a marketing network consisting of several of Trøndelag’s most famous festivals in partnership with the tourist industry. With our festivals at the forefront, we will jointly market Trøndelag as Norway’s most attractive festival region where you also can experience the region´s rich history, great food and all else Trøndelag can offer the people of Trøndelag as well as our friends in Norway and abroad.

Trøndelag’s stories are central to our marketing, and we have every opportunity to be good storytellers. Together we have developed a set of core stories that we build all our communication on. We have developed a toolbox and learned how we can convey Trøndelag´s destinations, attractions and stories. And the tourist industry and festivals work together to make the stories known.

We are a large network where you have access to relevant contacts and expertise. The knowledge transfer between the festivals, and between the festivals and the tourist industry, takes place quickly and informally in groups on social media, as well as in regular seminars. Want to know more? Send us an email. Here is our contact info: post@festivaldestinationtrondelag.no