09. Apr 2019

En hærmann vender tilbake

Janove loves Trøndelag and now he cannot wait to get back to Stiklestad.
He is the former front figure and lead singer for Kaizers Orchestra, and one of Norway’s greatest artists in recent decades. Now, Janove is having great success as a solo artist. His tour last autumn showed a new and more stripped-down version of the artist we usually know trough singalong and “ompa”, yet all his concerts were sold out. Now he takes his music with him to Stiklestad and the opening concert during Oslokdagene, but it will not be the first time he sets his feet on the battlefield.

In the mid-90s, Janove Ottesen served parts of his conscription in Trøndelag. One day he saw a poster about a historical play that sought extras. Janove could not resist.

“It was a welcome break from the military service”, Janove says today. He acted as a solider in the historical Olavsspelet.”It is over 20 years ago, so I don’t remember much, but I do remember fractures from the mighty music. Parts of it was really beautiful. Even though I cannot say that my own music has ever been inspired by it, it has always been there in the back of my head, somehow”.

Loves Trøndelag
Janove is much looking forward to visit Stiklestad, partly because he has always received a wonderful welcoming when he has visited Trøndelag.

“I am a big fan of Trøndelag and the locals there. It started with a sold out Kaizers concert at the local bar and scene Blæst in Trondheim. We did not believe it could be possible. We had never been to Trondheim and the word sold out was neither anything we had experienced. It was a really big moment for us. Since that I have always hold concerts in Trondheim while being on tour, both as a solo artist and with Kaizers”. He remembers many great moments through the years, both from Trondheim and Steinkjerfestivalen. Now he is looking forward to visiting Stiklestad again, this time as an artist.

Janove finishes with “it will be fun to come back to Stiklestad. The last time I did not have any lines, but this time you will hear a lot more from me”.