16. May 2019

Fri på festival i sommer

Its summer and love is in the air! Trøndelag is filled with romantic locations, perfect for a proposal, whether you are a metal fan or a theatre lover. And, who knows – maybe a mini metal fan or theatre enthusiast will be conceived this summer?


Sagauka in Melhus

Sagauka in Melhus is the place to be if you are interested in the Saga literature. Propose to your loved one at a concert with Vikings or at a hike in the beautiful nature.

Proposal tip: Stick the ring to an apple or put in on a birch stick. This symbolizes fertility.

Time: 04.06.2019- 09.06.2019



Tydalsfestivalen is a laid-back music festival. Here you will get the chance to camp with the beautiful mountain area Sylan in the background. Why not surprise your loved one in the tent after a concert?

Proposal tip: Hide the ring in the sleeping bag.

Time: 19.07.2019- 21.07.2019



If you love hard rock and you are going to the northern part of Trøndelag, then Totsåsrock in Lierne is something you don’t want to miss. Take your loved one with you into the wilderness bears, lynx and wolverines probably have escaped to avoid the sound of metal.

Proposal tip: Propose by Norways biggest Fender Stratocaster, a four-meter-high copy of the iconic guitar. Celebrate – or bury your sorrow – with a glass at the restaurant Bjønnhove after popping the question.

Time: 19.07.2019- 21.07.2019



Elden at Røros uses the majestic piles of slag as the scene. The world heritage is open to everyone, so the scene is yours – if you want to go up to the top and enjoy the view to the beautiful Ziir, the church in Røros.

Tip: Put the ring at the pile of slag (remember where you put it, there are numerous tons of slag..)

Time: 24.07.2019- 03.08.2019


Norwegian revue festival at Høylandet

Laughter is good medicine and at the Norwegian revue festival, the opportunities for a good laugh are many. The festival offers Norwegian championship in revue, parties in the tent and humour shows.

Proposal tip: Sneak away from the crowd and walk to Hammer bridge. If it rains, the overbuilt bridge makes a perfect, romantic hideaway.

Time: 10.-14. juli 2019


If you get cold feet and need some time to man up, there are multiple opportunities to propose in the fall as well.


Transform – Trondheim International Festival.

Few festivals make their guests spontaneously dance, but at Transform – Trondheim International Festival you can experience rhythms from all over the world that makes any relationship sparkle.

Proposal tip: Go to the Katia Guerreiro concert at Byscenen and put music to your proposal with romantic, Portuguese fado.

Time: 9.9.2019-15.9.2019


Ramaskrik Horror Festival

During Ramaskrik Horror Festival you may risk getting a scream as an answer to your question, at least if you ask in a movie theatre. But you may also ask after the movie!.

Proposal tip: Put the box with the ring in the popcorn.

Time: 17.10.2019- 20.10.2019



Hilmarfestivalen is one of Norways biggest folk music festivals, but the festival also opens the doors for music that tilt towards other genres. Its cold outside, but inside the folk music warms to frozen and in love souls.

Proposal tip: Bring your loved one to the light walk, a torchlight procession through Steinkjer that lights up a dark evening. Propose at one of the many beautiful spots along the way.

Time: 2.11.2019-10.11.2019