04. Jun 2019

Eksklusiv gourmetaften med middelaldermat

At the medieval farm Stiklastadir you can enjoy a quite unique food experience. The hosts are inviting you to a seven-course medieval meal. 

The guests are taken all the way back to the time Håkon Håkonsson was crowned as king. The year is 1247, and the crowning was celebrated with a festive evening. The table was filled with delicious food that smelled of spices from all around the world and drinks were generously poured.

At Stikkastadir, the hosts have succeeded in recreating both the food, drinks and atmosphere of this historic evening.

-We have received good feedback on this concept. Previously these evenings have been for bigger groups only, so we are pleased to be able to open the doors for everyone this year, says Lars Børre Hallem, one of the storytellers hosting the event.


Exclusive restaurants that offers an experience along with great food, are more popular than ever – and this concept is definitely one of them. The food experience that takes place in intimate and authentic surroundings is one you will remember. Delicious dishes, good drinks and interesting stories makes the perfect combination for a successful evening.

The ingredients used to make the food, and the stories, are obtained from the 13th century.

-In the medieval period spices such as cinnamon, anise, caraway and carnation became available in Norway. This makes for some unexpected flavor combinations. Amongst other things, we are serving meat sausage with cinnamon, says Hallem.


If an evening in the medieval period sounds tempting – read more and register. The festive evening takes place the first Friday of each month.