28. Jun 2019

Bli klok på festival i Trøndelag

At the festivals Olsokdagene at Stiklestad and Trondheim International Olavsfest, reflection and learning are in focus, along with cultural experiences.


Festivals with a deeper meaning

The two festivals are amongst Trøndelags biggest and most historical festivals. Olsokdagene at Stiklestad (23. – 29. July) and Trondheim International Olavsfest (28. July – 3. August) both have an agenda that invite and encourage the visitors to reflect upon important and current topics. Hopefully we will learn something new – about our self, each other and the community we all are part of.

Talerstolen at Stiklestad

Olsokdagene are arranged based on Stiklestad Nasjonale Kultursenter and offers concerts and activities for kids as well as interesting and educational talks.

For the series Talerstolen a broad spectre of people is invited to shed light on the big questions, in a mix of historical perspectives and current topics. This year’s theme is “Våken” (Awake).

– The theme opens for reflection and discussion on both what it means to be awake in one’s own life and what it means for the society, says Heidi Anett Øvergård Beistad at Stiklestad Nasjonale Kultursenter.

A diversified program

This year’s guest of honour is Else Kåss Furuseth, famous comedian and social commentator. She will give a speech of her own and participate in a talk with journalist Anne Grosvold. Kåss Furuseth is known for talking about difficult issues, something both of her contributions at the festival will be characterized by. The importance of seeing each other and be good listeners as well as how to lift personal issues into the society debate are amongst the themes of discussions.

– Throughout the festivals Talerstol-programme we will approach the theme “Awake” in presence and in past, says Beistad.

The rest of the programme for Talerstolen consist of talks and speeches about conspiracy theories, climate issues, freedom of speech, about the price some people must pay for raising their voice and other current issues. Festival artist Ståle Gerhardsen is also part of Talerstolen with an exhibition created together with a group of youths.

Vestfrontmøtet på Olavsfest

Trondheim International Olavsfest is the biggest culture- and church festival in Norway. A fixed annual feature of the festival is “Vestfrontmøtet”, a debate on different subjects in the intersection of faith and society. This year’s Olavsfest theme is “Forvandling” (Change).

– When picking a theme, we make two demands. The theme must concern absolutely everyone, and it should be interesting, both in a religious and a non-religious perspective, says Director for Trondheim International Olavsfest, Petter Fiskum Myhr.

Vestfrontmøte for reflection

The Vestfrontmøte is the very heart of Olavsfest. Every day at 1 pm during the festival, talks between established social commentators, cultural personalities and artists, priests and atheists, and professionals about themes that concerns us all, takes place.

– With “Change” as this year’s theme, there is room to discuss numerous interesting and relevant themes, and to take a look at the term itself – both as something that happens to us and something we can make happen, says Myhr.

Amongst the themes being discussed this year is the climate crisis, if miracles exist, if populism can destroy Europe, fundamental life events and extreme change as well as atheism and the growth of Christianity in the south.

See the full program for Vestfrontmøtet and Trondheim International Olavsfest!