The Hilmar Festival 2020
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The Hilmar Festival 2020

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Fiddler Hilmar Alexandersen from Steinkjer - A Musical Legacy

Hilmar Alexandersen, a renowned fiddler from Steinkjer, was one of the greatest folk musicians in Norway and the Nordic region in the 20th century. Every year, the Stiftinga for Hilmar Alexandersen (Foundation for Hilmar Alexandersen) organizes the Hilmarfestivalen, which has grown to become one of the country's largest folk music festivals. The festival is often described as a "national event and a people's celebration!"

150 Artists Across Approximately 70 Unique Festival Events In 2023, you can experience the Hilmarfestivalen from November 8th to 12th. The festival program caters to all age groups, offering exciting concerts as well as dedicated programs for children and youth. While the Hilmarfestivalen primarily focuses on folk music, you'll also get to enjoy music that either blends with this genre or ventures into entirely different musical realms.

Each year, around 150 artists perform in approximately 70 diverse festival events, attracting 9,000 visitors. In other words, you can look forward to exceptional entertainment!

Stay tuned to their website for updates on the artists participating in the festival and check here for this year's festival program

Hilmar All Year Round You can witness Spellemannspris winners performing to packed audiences at various venues, including the historic Centrum Vik hall just outside Namsos, the Skorovatn Chapel deep in the mountains, or the Vårt Hjem Cultural Stage in Steinkjer, among many others. Yes, you can enjoy excellent experiences through events hosted by the Hilmarfestivalen ALL YEAR ROUND. The Hilmarfestivalen is the largest concert organizer in Trøndelag within the folk/jazz/Sámi storytelling genres. Learn more about Hilmar's year-round program here.

Hilmarkortet With the Hilmarkortet (Hilmar Card), you can attend the entire Hilmarfestivalen in week 45 in Steinkjer and at least 10 different folk music concerts at unique and intimate venues throughout Trøndelag. Read more about and purchase the Hilmarcard here.

About Hilmar Alexandersen Hilmar (November 22, 1902 - April 28, 1993) hailed from Egge in Steinkjer. He grew up listening to his parents singing and humming traditional tunes, and you can hear the musical legacy of his parents in his use of pure natural tones and the genuine joy and sense of melody in his playing. Hilmar was deeply rooted in tradition while also displaying an interest and talent for innovation and experimentation. His outstanding fiddling skills made him one of the greatest folk musicians in Norway and the Nordic region in the 20th century. You can read more about Hilmar Alexandersen.